We at JS Consult believe that language barriers should not be enough to separate you from realising your desire to aid those in need. Therefore, we provide English Language training alongside our healthcare training, which includes work placement*, if required. This is our all-in-one package that equips you with the knowledge, attitude and communication skills to successfully integrate you into the healthcare sector.

Our English courses will help you communicate confidently and accurately in English – with service users, their families, and other care workers.

Our English courses have 10 modules, covering a wide range of healthcare scenarios. They are designed to be practical, focusing on interactions with patients, their families and other healthcare professionals. The courses have a UK focus, enabling our candidates to acquire a good understanding of UK healthcare culture.

Both our online and face to face English healthcare course trainings are delivered by industry experts whose experiences span over 15 years.

English for Health Care Assistants and Carers

This course is for Health Care Assistants (HCAs) and carers working in hospitals, care homes and nursing homes. It teaches the English you need to communicate effectively with patients and with other healthcare professionals at work.

English for Nurses

This intensive course teaches the English that nurses need to communicate effectively in all essential situations at work – both with patients and with other healthcare professionals.

*Terms and Conditions apply

Candidates will be given an access code. Once an access code is obtained, you will be able to create a username and then login to start your course. Login email will be sent to you via email after booking.

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