Equality and diversity

Equality, diversity and inclusion aren’t just words. They’re also ways of thinking and acting that welcome and celebrate difference. These principles should underpin all aspects of a workplace and work role. Consider how equality, diversity, inclusion, and discrimination, affects everyone and understand equality legislation, ‘protected characteristics’, and the impact of workplace discrimination.

Learning outcomes

  • Learners will learn what the key words ‘equality’, ‘diversity’, ‘participation’, ‘inclusion’, and ‘discrimination’ mean
  • Learners will be introduced to the Equality Act 2010 and the protected characteristics
  • Learners will become aware of the benefits of a diverse workplace

Advantages of this course

  • This course offers information to all individuals who have to interact with others in their day-to-day life
  • It is important to be aware of the legislation for equality and discrimination
  • The course includes an introduction to the Human Rights Act 1998 covering fundamental rights and freedoms
  • Website and video resources are utilised to explain the risks further
  • Additional activities encourage the learner to reflect on the learning
  • There is also suggested extra reading that gives both practical information and links to websites to expand knowledge

Money Laundering Awareness

Money Laundering Awareness shows users how to assess the risk of money laundering in their business, report suspicious transactions or activities, what the everyday responsibilities under the money laundering regulations are and the measures that can be taken to protect businesses against the risk of money laundering.

Duration: Half Day In-house or 60 mins Online

Bribery Act Awareness

The UK Bribery Act 2010 came in to force on the 1st of July 2011 making it a legal requirement for all business operating within the UK to ensure adequate training and protection is in place against corruption and bribery in an organisation. This online bribery awareness training course will enable the user to gain a full understanding required to recognise and prevent bribery from happening within the workplace. In addition, this Bribery Act Awareness training course will assist with procedures and how to create and put into practice an anti-bribery policy/risk assessment. This e-learning bribery act awareness course is designed for businesses across all market sectors and will help them demonstrate their due diligence under the new legislation.

Duration: Half Day In-house or 60 mins Online

Data Protection

This course has been developed to provide you with an understanding of the issues surrounding data protection in the workplace. It covers the legal requirements of the Data Protection Act, and suggestions for keeping your own data safe.

Duration: Half Day In-house or 60 mins Online

Equality And Diversity

This course aims to raise awareness of Equality & Diversity and encourage candidates to take a proactive approach within the workplace. Equality and Diversity can be compromised by candidates own values, opinions, and prejudices, this course explores how prejudices develop and how they may influence people. Candidates will gain an awareness of discriminatory practice and gain knowledge on how to promote equal opportunities for all and recognise the value of diversity.

Duration: Half Day In-house or 60 mins Online

Disability Awareness

This training is a great source of information and advice for organisations and businesses, to ensure that services, policies and procedures comply with equality legislation and to open up their services to a wider range of users. Participants will leave with a general awareness of how to make services accessible and interact positively with disabled people.

Duration: Half Day In-house or 60 mins Online

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