The enrolment process occurs in four (4) stages:

  • Eligibility check
  • IAG
  • Enrolment paperwork
  • Tutor and Learner Induction


  • In accordance with ESFA funding rules, we gather eligibility documents from learners and employers and assess whether they can enrol onto an apprenticeship.
  • The following are the details we check:
  • Valid Passport/Residence Permit
  • Job contract and description
  • Two (2) months recent payslip
  • Proof of address
  • Prior certificates

IAG-Information Advice And Guidence

After we have received the aforementioned documents and the potential learners are considered eligible, We setup an induction meeting with the learners.

Through this meeting , They will complete an initial and diagnostic assessment.These assessment are carried out online via BKSB.

The IAG is carried out by our IAGTeam and the learner is provided with in depth information regarding aprentships learning assistance and available resources for the learners the qualification assessment structure.


  • Following the IAG, the learners will complete the enrolment paperwork.
  • The paperwork records personal information, equal opportunities monitoring, leorning difficulties, employment details, prior certificotes, sofeguarding, etc.
  • The enrolment paperwork is to be completed by all the stakeholders: Learner, Employer ond Training Provider.
  • Once all this documents have been completed and signed, the learner will receive a notification regarding their learning and development coach.

Tutor and Learner Induction

Once enrolment is completed ,
your tutor will get in contact with
you through the details you have provded.

Your Sessions will be organized by the
tutor through which your learning is

  • Feel free to get in touch with us for any queries you may have regarding the enrolment process at
  • Telephone: 0208 470 4219
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