As a self-funded learner, you can securely pay your course fees in full by bank transfer, or in most cases we agree for you to pay in instalments.

What does self-funded mean?

You may be considered to be a self-funded learner if you are:

  • funding your course
  • getting financial help from family or friends
  • receiving financial assistance directly from an external funder (excluding educational loans from any government agency)

Summary of Paying for your course  – You can choose to pay in full or in some cases by instalments:

Pay In Full – Pay within 30 days of receiving your invoice from the office, if you have already paid a deposit remember to deduct the amount previously paid at enrolment.

Pay Instalments – Complete the payment mandate form and submit it within 7 days of receiving it.   Any agreed date for payment on the mandate form must be complied with to avoid disruption of classes.

Any other payment method must be brought to the office’s attention 7 days before the due date to avoid being charged twice.

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