Preparing for Work

The aim of this training is to help learners develop an understanding of work and how to work with others. Our career advisor will help learners to write a winning CV, and guide in how to make a positive impression during interviews and providing insight to the importance of embarking in additional future trainings to enhance your competence and competitive edge.

Confidence Building

Confidence is the term used to describe how one feels about his/her ability to perform roles, functions and tasks. Through this training, we will help you develop your self-esteem and improve your job prospects.

CV Writing and Review

In these sessions we will help you to make your CV stand out by producing a winning CV by identifying key achievements and skills necessary for a particular role, cut out unnecessary details. We will also help to review why your CV is not getting the attention it needs!

Interview Skills

Careful preparation is the main point of interview success. It is said that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. To ensure that your interview goes successfully, we will help learners to overcome anxiety and butterflies associated with interviews. Learners will discover how to succeed at job interviews through presentation and answering effectively to make a lasting impression!

To apply for the course, please call 0208 470 4219